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If you saw someone in the middle of the street sharing their full name, postal address or telephone number with any stranger, it would surely seem crazy to you. However, that is precisely what we do every time we participate in a draw, fill out a form or download an application to play from our smartphone or tablet. To be informed and thus avoid cybercrimes such as improper access to systems, computer viruses or identity theft, we propose you to know the latest trends in security applied to the technological world, through the interviews that you will find in our Cybersecurity podcast for all, Available through iVoox and Movistar Home.

Best Cybersecurity Podcasts

Podcast on Cybersecurity, Interviews With Experts at Movistar Home

You will have access to content produced by cybersecurity professionals from ElevenPaths, Telefónica’s global cybersecurity unit. You will find useful tips on how to protect your digital life from possible cyberattacks, your digital rights, how to manage your data and your privacy … All this through relaxed and didactic interviews with the best professionals in Spain dedicated to technological security.

This new iVoox podcast is available on Movistar Home, the smart device that works with Aura, Movistar’s virtual assistant. You can access it through the discovery cards that you will see reflected on the device screen, like a carousel, just by pressing on them. You can also find it vocally saying ” OK Aura, I want to hear Cybersecurity for everyone “. Once the results have appeared on the screen, all you have to do is press the podcast to enter and select the episode you want to listen to.

In addition to access to our Cybersecurity for all podcast, with Movistar Home, you can perform many actions simply, quickly and intuitively vocally. From listening to the radio to controlling the lights, making the most of television, making calls and video calls, playing with the family, or improving connectivity at home, through the voice command ” OK Aura “.

Hogar Movistar, Cybersecurity Starts at Home

Movistar Home is one of the pieces that are part of the so-called “ Hogar Movistar ”, an ecosystem of products and services available to enjoy unique family experiences with maximum security and privacy thanks to Artificial Intelligence. For this reason, we could say that the “Hogar Movistar” offers the possibility of living in a smarter and safer home every day, thanks to all its services and devices.

The three key services to increase your digital and home security

As for the services that you can implement so that your house becomes a complete fortress, the following stand out: Qustodio Premium, Conexión Segura and Movistar Prosegur Alarms.

Qustodio Premium is the most complete security and wellness service for families. You can manage the Internet connection time of the smallest of the house according to the day and time of the week, block inappropriate content or consult the search history and reproductions of your children on YouTube. In addition, you can follow their location to know when they enter or leave pre-established places (home, school, etc.).

Secure Connection offers you protection to surf risk-free on the Internet. The interesting thing is that you do not need to carry out any installation to protect your Movistar network browsing. You can instantly block malware and phishing threats that may arise while browsing the Internet and receive alerts to unsafe sites.

Movistar Prosegur Alarmas gives you the possibility to see and control your home in real-time from the Movistar Prosegur App (available on Google Play and the App Store ) thanks to its remote-controlled camera. From the application you will receive notifications or the video recording in the event of an alarming jump, you will be able to change the Password or Contrakey, as well as connect and disconnect it.

The devices to turn your home into a smart and safe home

Related to the devices that help improve connectivity and security at home, stand out the Smart WiFi Router, the most advanced wireless router on the market and the Smart WiFi Amplifier, to make your WiFi reach areas where the signal does not reach.

With the UHD Decoder, you can play all Movistar + content in UHD / 4k quality, as well as access Movistar Apps through the main menu of your Movistar television. You also have at your disposal the UHD Smart WiFi Decoder, with all the benefits of the UHD Decoder and wireless connection.

Likewise, and as an additional service to your WiFi network, you can download the Smart WiFi mobile app or access the Smart WiFi App on Movistar + where you can manage all the devices that have access to your network, block or unblock them.

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