Programs to Create Mobile Phone Games Easily

The video game industry has grown a lot and its community of creators has become democratized. Now it is easy to find programs to create mobile phone games in a simple and intuitive way. You don’t need to know anything about programming. Do you love the universe of video games? Without a doubt, this is your post. We are going to tell you how you can go to the next level in the simplest possible way, using modern intuitive tools so that, in addition to enjoying yourself as a player, you can do it as a video game creator.

Mobile Phone Games

And it is that, in addition to a great opportunity to have fun and fulfil yourself, it can also be your first professional step in an industry that has been growing for years. According to data from the Spanish Video Game Association ( AEVI ), it is a sector that grows around 15% annually. So perhaps this post on programs to create games for mobile phones is more than just a read for you.

If, as I asked you before, you are a lover of this world, I recommend the documentary ‘Not a game’ that premiered on channel # 0 of Movistar +. A reflection of the role of video games in modern society and its influence on current popular culture. In addition, you can also get to know Movistar Apps, and see how they have a great application to play as a family from home with the Movistar Home device.

Create Smartphone Games Easily

Of course, as you probably imagined, I’m not going to show you how you can create great sales record video games that will appear in the next Meditation article. There are people who study, practice and work for years for that. It is clear that to achieve this you will need training, a lot of creativity, technique and experience.

However, there are programs to create games for mobile phones that, following guides and tutorials, you can create fun games. In fact, a few days ago we told you about how Unity had launched training courses and how you can use the BuildBox tool to create games for smartphones without knowing the program.

Now, we are going to bring you a small list of some programs to create mobile phone games. In the simplest and most intuitive way possible. Some are paid, but they also have their trial version or ‘free’. Ready to take your first step in the video game industry? Let’s go!


The most famous of all. You can make a professional video game, or stay in something amateur. It is the most famous 3D development platform in the industry. It is not only used for video games, but it is also made for animation movies.

It is not a simple tool, but, as I have previously told you, you will find an infinity of guides and tutorials to start creating your first video game. You will not miss websites or forums in which any user can lend you a hand …


A tool to create video games almost dragging and pasting. It is great for people who have no idea of ​​programming and who simply want to create a nice video game without breaking their heads too much. It even has templates to replicate some hits.

In addition, a great feature of GameSalad is that it allows you to publish your creation online on different platforms and stores.

GameMaker Studio

Well known among the creators of video games, surely more than one has started in the world thanks to GameMaker Studio. It is a more complex tool than GameSalad, but with which you can make higher quality games. It is a good tool for intermediate users, but you can learn thanks to its large community.

GameMaker Studio is paid, but it’s not an expensive fee and, to be honest, it’s quite worth it. You will achieve great results.


It is a well-known open-source platform with which you can make all kinds of video games. From fun platform adventures to simple puzzles or 8-bit games. Its strong point is that it is free, but maybe it costs you a little to find information and help online. However, it is not a very complex tool.

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